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Let's Panic: The Book!

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How to Endure and Possibly Triumph Over the Adorable Tyrant
who Will Ruin Your Body, Destroy Your Life, Liquefy Your Brain,
and Finally Turn You
into a Worthwhile
Human Being.

Written by Alice Bradley and Eden Kennedy

Some Books
I'm In...

Sleep Is
For The Weak

Chicago Review Press

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Let's Panic

The site that inspired the book!

At LET'S PANIC ABOUT BABIES, Eden Kennedy and I share our hard-won wisdom and tell you exactly what to think and feel and do, whether you're about to have a baby or already did and don't know what to do with it. → 

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Get your custom-painted watercolor! 

As one of the Camp Mighty 2012 attendees, I'm raising money for charity: water, which funds clean-water projects in developing nations.

As incentive for you lovely people to chip in, I am auctioning FIVE  (5) original 7" x 10" watercolors. To bid, donate $20 or more here and include the comment "Paint it up, Alice Bradley!" 

If you’re one of the top 5 bidders, I will paint a watercolor JUST FOR YOU. (You choose the image but I get to ask for alternatives in case it's something I can't do all that well. Like faces. Faces are hard, guys.) Here are a few examples of my work:  

Sixth Avenue, Park Slope


Tree, winter




I use Arches watercolor paper (that's French for "super-high quality") and top-shelf watercolors that won't fade over time. You'll help get clean water to people who need it, and in return you'll get a lovingly packaged, carefully rendered watercolor. Plus you'll receive my love. So much of my love. How can you lose? Go! Donate!

This campaign's funds will go specifically to fund water projects in Rwanda. Here's more information on that effort: